About US

Our hospital, which adopts the principle of "Quality in Health", was in Kartal Region in 1998 and has a capacity of 58 beds.

In Private Umut Hospital; Surgical interventions are performed to view the most recent surgery. Umut Hospital equipped with modern medical devices; It serves 365 days a year with its expert staff. It also provides 24-hour service with its polyclinics, delivery rooms and ambulance.

In our radiology center, diseases can be diagnosed with Direct and Indirect Graphs, Computed Tomography, USG and Color Doppler (4 Dimensional).

Our Intensive Care Unit (with Adult, Neonatal and Newborn) is one of the last progressive departments of medicine. Our Hospital is a full-fledged hospital on the Anatolian side, combining technology with the principle of "Quality in Health" by considering the health of our hospital's Intensive Care Unit more than themselves.

Our Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic is open 24 hours and provides follow-up of normal and risky pregnancies, as well as polyclinic services, normal and cesarean delivery services.

From Our Chairman
Private Umut Hospital has never compromised on two principles; quality and love, While choosing the hospital structure and staff, our hospital, which does not give up on the principle of quality, did not forget the factor of "Love".

It is very difficult to be a business manager in our country; especially if this business is a hospital. Heavy bureaucracy, economic budget, personal and patients who should always be happy are the first challenges of hospital management. In the establishment of our hospital, we were prepared for our work and laid our foundations with this belief, believing that our people should receive the best healthcare service. We believe that this is the greatest principle behind our success.

With this principle and belief, we have blended world medical technology with a smiling face and created the HOPE staff for you.

Administration Chairman of the Board
Eng. Ali DOĞAN

Our Hospital Chief Physician

Private Umut Hospital started to grow its service in Istanbul in 1998, with its medical equipment to be offered as a healthcare supplier, offering quality service at an affordable price.

When it comes to health, the universal principles that are more sensitive; Regardless of color, language, race, religion, belief, we have been structured to provide healthcare services to our people, and we equipped our hospital with the latest technology in all branches by acquiring all medical structures, which is the requirement of the age. We know that we have become stronger with our staff, number of physicians, understanding of quality and patient portfolio in the time we left behind. Going further, we will continue to offer our respectful, tolerant health service to science by renewing ourselves.

Chief of Hospital
Uz. Dr. Şerafettin SİVRİTAŞ
Internal Medicine Specialist

I greet you all with respect.