Brain Surgeon

Subject Headings
24 hour Emergency Brain - Nerve Surgery and Traumatic Brain Surgery
Our hospital has knowledge, experience and equipment with the capacity to perform all attempts on the brain, spine and nerves.

Waist and Neck Hernia
In our hospital, hernia surgery is performed by micro-discectomy method. Thanks to this surgical method applied under the microscope, the risk of complications is minimized, the patients are carried out at the 12th hour of the surgery, the duration of hospitalization is reduced to a short period of one day. Similarly, neck hernia operations are performed under the microscope with the Smith Robinson method.

Surgery for Aneurysmatic and High Blood Pressure Bleeding
This disease, which occurs as a result of the ballooning of the arteries of the brain, is manifested by serious and often fatal cerebral hemorrhages. Aneurysm surgeries, which have a reputation of being the most risky among all surgeries, can be performed in our hospital. Our results are also in harmony with the figures of the modern world.

Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Surgery
Most of the brain tumors are benign. However, the importance of the location affects the results of the tumor. Brain tumor surgeries, which have been applied since the establishment of our hospital, have promising results.

Traumatic Brain Hemorrhages, Skull Crumbling Fractures
Our hospital has become a center that is considered at first sight in emergency cases with its location in the immediate vicinity of the coastal road and having five specialist physicians for 24 hours. As a result, a large number of our citizens are unfortunately brought to our clinic with many different brain injuries, from mild to serious. The joint efforts of the neurosurgery clinic enable us to take firm steps towards becoming an important Trauma Center in our region.