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Protection of your cardiovascular health is crucial. The cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world and in our country. 55% of deaths in Turkey are due to cardiovascular diseases.

The age of our heart can differ from the biological age. One of the ways to learn this is by calculating the cardiovascular risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Hypertension (high blood pressure), high glycose, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity and sedentary lifestyle are the most important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. We can make it possible to eliminate a significant part of these risk factors.

Reducing changeable risks that adversely affect cardiovascular health and following a healthy lifestyle slows down the aging process of the heart and reduces deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. For prevention of cardiovascular diseases, an approach like reducing and treating all risk factors together, rather than a single risk factor, is becoming increasingly important. If we make enough effort to keep our hearts young, we can dramatically reduce the number of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease.

The clinical findings found in patients with coronary artery disease:

Pain in the chest with effort (angina pectoris): Although the person does not have pain at rest, there is pain that hits the middle of the chest, left chest, left arm and back while climbing the ramp or walking fast on a straight road.

Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction): Pain at shoulder, arms or back pain that can last for hours, usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sweating. In some patients, instead of pain, there may be burning in the chest and numbness in the arms. Pain can spread to the neck, lower jaw, or upper abdomen. Sometimes the pain may be in one of the above mentioned areas.

Rhythm Disorders: There are various types and causes of arrhythmia (hyperthyroidism, anemia, electrolyte disorder, conduction system disorder, etc.). Sometimes the underlying causes maybe other disorders or coronary diseases.

Heart Failure: It occurs due to the contraction defect in the heart muscles. With effort, fatigue and shortness of breath occur.

Sudden Death: It is a natural (without accident, suicide, murder) and unexpected deaths where the time between complaints and death is less than 1 hour. Sudden death continues to be a serious problem all over the world. Because sudden death occurs before patients can come to a hospital or a health institution. 80% of sudden deaths develop as a result of coronary vascular diseases. The first symptom of narrowing or obstruction in the vessels feeding the heart is in the form of sudden death in 20% of patients. Although sudden cardiac death is more common in older ages, it can be seen at any age, even in children.

Silent ischemia: As the name tells us, it is the condition that the patient does not have any complaints despite the significant stenosis of the vessels.


Who are recommended for Heart Check-Up Examination?

People with multiple risk factors

People with Diabetics

People who has the stories of early heart attack, heart death, neck, brain and leg vascular occlusion in their family.