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Children's Orthopedics

The word orthopedics, which means the treatment of skeletal system problems of children, has become an area where bone and joint problems of people of all ages are solved over the years. However, today, orthopedic problems of children and adults are examined by different physicians and these two patient groups are evaluated separately.

The specialization of pediatric orthopedics as a separate specialty and the physicians working in this field focusing only on childhood orthopedic diseases is a very new development for the whole world.

In our country, the privatization of pediatric orthopedics and the separation of physicians working in the field of pediatric orthopedics started in the first half of the 1990s. Since this period, associations of specialization have been established in this field, special congresses have started to be organized, and the number of physicians dealing only with orthopedic problems of children has increased rapidly.

Today, all diagnosis and treatment methods applied in pediatric orthopedics in any developed country in the world are applied in our country with the same competence and success, and our country is among the countries that contribute the most to scientific developments in this field.