Diet and Nutrition

Subject Headings
In the nutrition and diet department, our dietician provides services in polyclinic, clinic, and mass nutrition areas. Polyclinic patients, inpatients and their attendants and hospital staff in order to support the patient recovery process, to create a healthy nutrition awareness in the society and to increase the quality of life; It is enlightened in line with the latest information on healthy nutrition and diet.
In the nutrition and diet outpatient clinic, services are provided on the following issues:

Overweight (Obesity) and Nutrition Therapy

In its simplest form, obesity can be defined as an increase in the amount of body fat that is harmful in terms of the risk of getting sick. Obesity can be diagnosed by using body mass index (BMI, kg / m2), the ratio between height and body weight. However, BMI does not provide information about total body fat amount and regional fat. For this, other methods such as skinfold thickness, waist-hip ratio and bioelectrical impedance are also used in the diagnosis of obesity. In our nutrition and dietetic clay, these measurements are taken and nutritional treatment is applied to the individual with obesity.

A patient-centered program is presented with a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of obesity. With the InBody 520 body analyzer, edema is determined by measuring body fat ratio and mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and the report is presented to the patient as a printout. Body mass index and waist-hip ratio are among other measurements.

Diabetes and Nutrition Treatment
Nutritional Therapy in Cardiovascular Diseases
Nutrition Therapy in Kidney Diseases
Nutrition Therapy in Liver Diseases
Nutrition Therapy in Digestive System Diseases
Nutrition Therapy in Food Sensitivity and Intolerance
Nutrition Therapy in Nervous System Diseases
Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
Adequate and Balanced Nutrition
Nutrition in Special Situations
Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation
Nutrition in Preschool Children
Nutrition in School Age Children
Nutrition During Adolescence
Nutrition in Old Age
Nutrition in Athletes
After evaluating the health conditions of the inpatients with their physician, nutrition programs are prepared in accordance with their diseases and nutritional habits, and it is aimed to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition with their attendants. Menus are prepared taking these conditions into consideration, and these menus are meticulously prepared under the most hygienic conditions and presented to patients and their attendants after being controlled; Changes are made in accordance with the suggestions and special requests of the inpatients and their attendants at daily periodic intervals. In addition, nutrition training is given to patients on special diets in order to prevent problems they will experience in practice and to increase awareness.

In addition, menus are organized and nutritional training is provided to the hospital staff to ensure healthy nutrition.