Obesity Center (Stomach Botox)

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Obesity Center (stomach Botox) in Norway since 2004 seen the positive effects of weight loss as a result of various experiments, since the stomach, Botox applied in Turkey in the most general terms, the appetite is actually an effective method of cutting.

Who can stomach botox be applied to?

People who are overweight but not obese enough to be operated on and who want to lose their excess weight make up the ideal patient group of stomach botox. What is the BMI criterion for stomach botox application? According to internationally accepted criteria, stomach botox can be applied to people with a body mass index (BMI) above 25 and morbid obesity level. People below this level are not recommended to apply stomach botox.

What points does stomach botox affect?

Stomach botox can be explained as a blockade applied on the muscles and nerves in the stomach that are effective in feeling the feeling of hunger and satiety. In other words, it can be said that stomach botox prolongs the emptying time of the stomach and the feeling of hunger decreases. Since stomach botox is applied only to smooth muscles, it does not affect nerve cells and intestines. Therefore, it does not cause intestinal laziness.

How is stomach botox applied?

Stomach botox is applied by endoscopic method, but it does not require preparations for normal surgeries. A drug that provides 'sedation' is given to the patient for relief. The endoscopy device with a camera at the end is delivered from the mouth to the stomach. After the device reaches the stomach and the stomach is imaged, botox injection is made to the determined application areas.

How to lose weight with stomach botox?

In Botox application, the muscles are neutralized by injecting into the stomach. Normally, the muscles that provide contraction can no longer fulfill this feature with Botox, so foods can remain in the stomach for a longer time. Gastric emptying time can be up to 12 hours after administration. In this way, the appetite decreases and the feeling of satiety in the stomach extends, and the patient starts to lose weight with the effect of the diet.

Why is the compliance of stomach botox with diet important?

A must for stomach botox are diet programs specially prepared by nutritionists. Otherwise, as we mentioned above, it would be absolutely wrong to expect a magic wand effect from this application alone. The diet program prepared by nutritionists acts as a bridge to ensure the harmony between stomach botox and the patient. If you fully comply with the diet program prepared by the nutritionist, it will be possible to achieve the targeted weight loss. However, if you cannot adapt to the determined program and maintain your unbalanced and night eating habits, unfortunately, stomach botox will not work.

Who is stomach botox application done and how long does it take?

Stomach botox; It is applied under the control of a team consisting of general surgeon, psychologist and physician and dietician, is completed in 15-20 minutes and the patient is immediately discharged. The effect of the substance used in stomach botox disappears completely in a maximum of 6 months. For this reason, stomach botox is not likely to cause permanent damage to the body.

Who can not apply stomach botox?

The first condition for stomach botox application is not to have botox allergy. It is also not recommended for people with conditions such as ulcers and gastritis. In this type of patient groups, first of all, other problems in the stomach should be eliminated.

Is stomach botox a repeatable application?

Whether or not stomach botox is repeated may vary depending on the general condition of the patient.

Is botox used for skin rejuvenation from stomach botox?

Yeah. In stomach botox, 10 times the botox used in skin rejuvenation is used.