Subject Headings
Psychological Counselor-Gülsüm SİVRİTAŞ

In our hospital, she works in the fields of Family Therapist, Adolescent Family Relationship, Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Psychological Services

The importance of our psychological health is increasingly recognized for us to lead a more harmonious and happy life.

In our psychology service, effective solutions are offered to our mental problems with psychotherapy and psychological counseling methods, with an understanding and experienced approach that values ​​people as human beings first.

In addition, psychological services such as psychological evaluation, preventive mental health, stress protection, individual development are provided, which you can apply without any psychopathological problems.

Some of the services offered in the psychology service of our hospital are listed below under general headings.

Child-young-Adult Mental problems

Diagnosis, therapy, appropriate treatment guidance and parental counseling in childhood psychological problems

Psychotherapy and parental counseling in adolescence and youth adjustment, behavioral problems and solving psychological problems

In adults; Psychotherapy services for depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and various adjustment and personality disorders are provided.

Besides, for family and marriage problems; Family therapy and counseling in family adjustment and communication problems, spouse-marriage therapy (including unmarried couples) and marriage counseling services are provided for problems of adjustment and communication between spouses.

For sexual dysfunctions; male and female psychological sexual problems; Psychotherapy services are provided for impotence, vaginismus, sexual fear, sexual identity and adjustment problems.

In our psychology service, "Professional interest and ability determination test", which can be applied to students from the 6th grade (up to the last year of high school), is performed. It is the first condition for the individual to be successful and happy in his / her job and life if the profession he chooses is suitable for his / her interests and abilities. This test allows the student to determine the field and profession groups suitable for his / her own interests, education and abilities, and to make the right choice and choices.

Also given without any psychological problem or illness; You can also apply to our psychology service for self-knowledge-personality assessment-individual development studies-protection from stress-relaxation programs, general psychological evaluation and preventive mental health services.

NOTE: It is necessary to make an appointment in advance for all services provided in our psychology service. Thank you for your understanding.