Patient Rights And Responsibilities


1. General Benefit of the Service

To benefit from activities to promote healthy living and preventive health services.

2. Achieving Equal Service

To serve without considering race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, economic and social conditions.

3. Information

To learn what all kinds of services and opportunities are.

4. Select and Change Organization

Choosing the health institution and benefiting from the health services provided in the health institution chosen.

5. Recognition, Selection and Replacement of Personnel

To learn, select and change the identities, duties and titles of physicians and other personnel who will provide health services.

6.Requesting Information

To request all kinds of information about the health status verbally and in writing.


To receive all kinds of health services in an environment suitable for privacy.

8. Consent and Permission

To obtain consent in medical interventions and to benefit from the service within the framework of consent.

9. Rejection and Suspension

Refusing treatment and asking it to be stopped.

10. Security

To receive health care in a safe environment.

11. Fulfilling Religious Obligations

To fulfill religious obligations within the scope of the institution's possibilities and within the framework of the measures taken by the administration.

12. Respect

To receive friendly, gentle and compassionate health services with respect, care and attention.

13. Comfort

To receive health services in an environment where all kinds of hygienic conditions are provided, noise and all disturbing factors are eliminated.

14 Visit

To accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the institutions and organizations.

15. Accompanying Person

To have a companion within the possibilities of the legislation, health institutions and organizations and if the physician deems appropriate.

16. Right to Application, Complaint and Litigation

To use all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation in case of violation of their rights.

17. Continuous Service

To benefit from health services as long as necessary.


1. Our patients are responsible for doing their best to take care of their own health and to follow the recommendations given for a healthy life.

2. To provide current and old health information completely and accurately and to bring the necessary documents completely,

3. To comply with the recommendations of the people who perform their treatment and to cooperate,

4. Asking questions about issues that he does not fully understand and need to explain about his health or planned treatment,

5. Notifying the people who perform their treatment about changes in their health or condition,

6.Accepting the responsibilities arising from refusing treatment or not complying with the treatment plan,

7. To comply with all clinical rules that will affect the treatment and treatment regimen,

8. To make the additional payments that are not covered by the health insurance or all the payments on time in case of a paid patient,

9. Our patients are responsible for covering the damage they cause to hospital supplies.

10. Respecting the people around, other patients and staff, observing the rights of healthcare professionals,

11. To ensure that other waiting people are examined first in delays depending on the appointment time,

12. Knowing that patients who are hospitalized in an open and planned manner are under their own responsibility and take precautions accordingly,

13. Our patients are responsible for complying with the referral chain determined by the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions.

14. Our patients are responsible for stating whether they have correctly understood the health care and post-discharge care plan as expected.

15. Not to have flammable, caustic or flammable substances, except for medical needs and the conditions permitted by the hospital administration,

16. To support us to create a safe and pleasant environment.